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Pressure Cleaning Your Driveway

Pressure Cleaning Your Driveway


While pressure cleaning your driveway is a challenging job that requires a lot of effort, the results can make it all worth while.

The costs these days of getting a professional pressure cleaning company to blast your driveway is considered by many to be a better alternative than the sweat equity involved.

The cutting-edge tools and chemicals now available to professional driveway cleaning companies will also result in a much better job. Another consideration is the safety involved.  Check out the roofing picture to the right – If it can do this to a roofing tile, imagine what it could do to your foot!


Gold Coast drive cleaning professionals are highly trained and have the safety equipment required, plus years of experience. The danger is not only to yourself, but also to the driveway and the surrounding areas. There is no substitute for professional training and years of experience, so our advice is to get a professional drive cleaning company to do the work for you. Here is an example of the damage a high pressure washer can do – watch the thick safety boot and be glad you were not wearing it!

This is invaluable if the driveway is badly stained, or has some special problem that requires professional expertise. In addition, you need to make the choice between using professionals or spending the weekend cleaning your driveway when you could be relaxing.  Looked at another way, what you would accomplish in two days can probably be done – and done better – by the professionals in half a day. In addition, one of the drawbacks of pressure cleaning your driveway is that it highlights how stained the other areas around the driveway are. It’s always a good idea to have fences and other areas around the pathway professionally cleaned too.


Another consideration is that professional driveway cleaning companies carry indemnity insurance. One of the hazards of trying to do it yourself is causing damage to neighbouring properties, which could make the do-it-yourself route extremely expensive.



Pressure Cleaning Your Driveway

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