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Gold Coast Driveway Repainting and Resealing

Pressure cleaning your driveway before Gold Coast Driveway Repainting is essential; similarly, you must pressure clean before doing Gold Coast Driveway Resealing.

If you paint or seal your driveway without giving it a high pressure clean first, you are trapping dirt, grime, mould etc under the sealing or paint.  Your driveway and roof are the two elements that stand out when visitors get a first impression of your home – let us help you make a great first impression.

In addition to making your driveway look better, we can add a safety element like creating a slip-resistant surface to avoid legal issues if people slip on your driveway. In addition, we can make your driveway mould and tyre mark resistant.  This can be invaluable for private homes, but doubly so for commercial premises – let us make your cafe or restaurant safe! Because untreated concrete absorbs moisture, painting or sealing your driveway is essential.

At Gold Coast Driveway Cleaning we have tools, skills and experience to do the whole job at very affordable prices.


Resealing can help bring a tired looking driveway back to life and will keep it looking terrific. Whether you do this with a sealer or paint is something we can advise you on, depending on the surface and condition, and the need to blend in with the house itself. A sealer can protect your driveway from the weather (especially important if you live near the coast) and keep oil and grease stains from being absorbed.

Using the right sealer is crucial; no sealer is perfect for all projects. Our years of experience ensure you get the right sealer, compatible with the surface, leaving you with a flawless driveway.  In addition different sealants have different drying times – we can advise on the time you need to stay off the driveway. We can also advise you on the right sealant for anything from a high gloss finish to a matte finish.  In addition, concrete, pavers and bricks and natural stone have different surface qualities – Call us now on 0448 352 364 and we will give you the right advice on which solution is best for you.  Get the best from the driveway renovation gold coast specialists!


So what’s the difference between Gold Coast Driveway Painting and Gold Coast Driveway Sealing?  We can explain it fully to you when we come out to quote, but generally driveway sealing is a more heavy duty, longer lasting solution that lasts longer and gives better protection than paint alone.

Please note that Gold Coast Driveway Resealing is not driveway resurfacing – the sooner you get Gold Coast Driveway Repainting or Gold Coast Driveway Resealing done after laying the driveway, the more you delay the serious cost of totally re-laying the driveway, and the easier it is to keep clean.

Here is an example of a Gold Coast Driveway before cleaning –

Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning - Before

Here is an “After” picture, once the driveway has been cleaned and received our Gold Coast Driveway Repainting service.

Gold Coast Pressure Cleaning -Gold Coast Driveway Repainting After picture

Call us now on 0448 352 364 for a Free Quote on your Gold Coast Driveway Repainting and Resealing – you will not regret it!